Sedation Dentistry

There are many reasons why so many people put off going to the dentist.  The  number one reason we’re told is that some people are downright afraid.  Others have had a poor experience in the dental office. We also find that some need extensive care and simply cannot find enough time to get the work completed.  Others are embarrassed that they have allowed things to go too long.

Rest assured.  Sedation Dentistry can help you.

Once you have met Dr. Chunn and an examination has been performed, he can formulate a plan for you and answer all of your questions and concerns.  A sedation appointment can be scheduled where your treatment can be accomplished easier than you ever thought possible.  You’ll be drowsy and unaware of time passing by.  Extensive work can be accomplished in one appointment and you may have little or no memory of the appointment.  During that appointment, you will monitored continually by our specially trained staff.  Anxiety free dentistry is as simple as taking a pill.

Dr. Chunn has 15 years of experience in sedation dentistry and has completed an estimated 1000 cases.

Take the first step and call us at White River Dental Center - Dr. Mark W. Chunn Phone Number 870-698-0900.

Patsy and Ann : A testimonial

October 1, 2012

“My mother and I both have had a fear of dentistry for years – due to bad experiences in the past.  After hearing a radio commercial about Dr. Chunn, I emailed him about our situation and quickly received a reply!  We are now so happy we chose him, and we both had sedation dentistry in his office.  Dr. chunn and staff were so accommodating and understanding, we both had a very pleasant experience: we remembered nothing of the actual procedures, had minimal pain afterward from our surgeries, and for the first time in my life I left a dental office with a smile!  For once I actually look forward to a visit to the dentist as long as it’s Dr. Chunn‘s office!