Mission Statement

The practice of dentistry offers unbelievable opportunities to lead a happy, fulfilled life.  We have opportunities every day to express compassion and to really care about people who come to us with needs and desires.  We can contribute to their health and happiness, rid them of pain, and make them proud of their appearance.  Additionally, we value our responsibility to educate people.  We can generate a practice of friends who are glad to see us, and are grateful for what we do for them.  We can also share those rewards with our staff members who can have a fulfilling lifetime career.

We are in the business of caring and the better we manage our business, the better will be the care.  A smoothly functioning office where each team member works together in a spirit of harmony and cooperation serves everyone’s needs when it is run by highly qualified and motivated personanel who strive to excellence each day.  Opportunities are continually provided to the staff for expansion of knowledge and talent.  Each staff member takes responsibility for clinical excellence and for mental sharpness while in the performance of their job.  Our profitibility is based on a formula that prescribes a fair portion of profit from a fair fee that is paid for high quality service.

Our practice must serve many honorable needs.  It must provide for a quality of life for our staff members.  It must provide a home for our family, education for our children, and contribution to our community.  It must enable us to be charitable to the needy and supportive of our ministries.  It must provide for our health, protection of our families if we become disabled and it should enable us to retire with dignity.  Furthermore, it should uplift the profession of dentistry itself.  How well we manage the time we spend in our office will determine how well we can accomplish those goals.

A successful practice accomplishes those goals without compromising the quality of care, the concern for the patient, the timeliness of service and the continued upgrading of diagnostic knowledge and treatment skills.